Thursday, June 2, 2011

Could this be cooler?

Here's what Katy, our science teacher wrote about this grade 6 and 7 project: :
Cup filler, plant waterer, confetti blower, fish feeder, iPod switch, cat feeder, chip pourer, and water pourer - the 6-7s were busy designing and building complex Rube Goldberg machines to do simple tasks. Each machine had to include three different types of simple machines, 10 energy transfers and 3 energy transformations. The ingenuity behind some of these is inspirational. Students incorporated their knowledge of force, mechanical advantage, and engineering as they blueprinted, built, tested, tested, tested, and retested their designs. They created Rube Goldberg display signs outlining their efforts and Rube Goldberg's life as well as wrote reflective pieces about the process. One seventh grader, Zoe, created a video of all the machines, check it out

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