Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Looking for Spring

Freddie the Frog is our beloved greeter. Feeding him is a daily highlight for many of our preschoolers and younger siblings. Freddy is a little plump.

Today I went out to walk the school's 70-some acres with the Facilities and Energy Quest Committees and former parent Paul Schroeder. Paul knows our property well and is an expert on wetlands, GPS, and other things we need to know. We were looking for good routes for a 5 K running trail.

At this time of year you can get into lots of areas of our property that are bramble-covered in warmer weather. We found some huge old oaks, black birch, and beech. The vernal springs were mainly frozen this morning, and we found some skunk cabbage poking up. Kate says you can eat them! We saw some chickadees, too. And the old stone wall that is one of our borders.

When we came back we saw a robin - a sure sign of spring!

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Kate said...

Warning- you have to boil the skunk cabbage a ton before you eat it! And it's not so tasty :)