Monday, March 23, 2009

The scope of a week

Outdoor Club does what needs to be done. They looked happy to fill some potholes!

Chess is a big activity at Parker in free time and in Chess Club. Three of our students have done very well in local chess tournaments.

On Tuesday our younger sports group invited parents and friends to an exhibition game. One mother told me, "I had to tell a client, 'I have to go see Capture the Chicken!'"

Eighth graders cooked a spaghetti lunch to raise funds for their trip to Philadelphia. The thrill of spaghetti reverberated through the school - and into the parents who were very excited not to be packing lunch.

The culmination: student-led conferences on Friday. Students had their parents' undivided attention as they shared their academic growth and reflected on challenges met and still ahead.

A wholly satisfying week!

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