Monday, March 30, 2009

Making learning visible

At our last faculty meeting we talked about the student-led conferences and how we strive to make children's learning visible. I think the two are interrelated. As Liliana said, "We are making the children visible."

Our new teachers were amazed at the detail and authenticity in student-led conferences as compared to teacher-led. "The students are really good self-assessors here." "The kids were incredibly articulate and thoughtful." "The students are so proud of their work - and they used very sophisticated vocabulary." "The 2-3's are so honest with themselves."

These pictures make learning visible : Some 4-5's created games for their author studies. K-1's make scientific observations of plants they are growing. Koa and Jenn, '08, visited last week- they showed such poise and helpfulness. Sports club is practicing sportsmanship and physical skill in a touch football game. Preschoolers show how cute they are. (Just kidding - of course they are showing their coordination, gross motor, and performing skills doing the chacha slide at assembly!)

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